Conversation with my driver

Yesterday, I went to the movies with my sister and we saw  I am not your Negro, great documentary, by the way. I decided to take a Lyft and the driver was pretty dope. The conversation was really good and we talked about everything. We discussed life, current events, dating, work, etc. The drive was only 30 minutes, but those 30 minutes were great. He was an older gentleman, but he had such an awareness of himself which was pretty remarkable. He called himself the Uber Buddha. Its refreshing to meet men that like to engage in intellectual stimulating conversations.

After the conversation, I started thinking about certain things like should I open up to dating men outside of my faith. I was raised as a Christian and I really want my future spouse to share the same beliefs as I do. I want my future children to know God as their creator. I talked to my friend about this and I told her I keep meeting men that are so confident, intelligent, educated, and hardworking, but they are non religious. I know its important to be equal with someone, but would it be too bad if they didn’t share religious views with you. Its just a thought, not sure if I will consider it, because its important to agree with someone, especially if you are planning a future with them.


-staying optimistic



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