Don’t Quit!

Friday, one of colleagues celebrated their 15th anniversary with the company. One of the members from the management team bought her donuts and balloons and she received a plaque. In addition, she was able to pick a prize from the catalog they sent her via email. Some of the rewards included a watch, Coach & Kate Spade purses, and 32″ t.v. I thought she was able to pick more than one good gift, she said she could only pick one. After 15 years working for a company the only option for all you hard work is a watch?!?! At that moment, I began to realize that if I continued this path, I would receive the same thing in 15 years, and that’s not good enough for me.

I began to really consider that I need to start establishing something for myself. I want to be able to say I did my best at achieving my goals, instead saying I wish I had. For me, it so important to go after what I want. I cannot live a life of mediocrity. I am going to continue to strive until I gain success for myself.


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