Let’s break bread together

Toady, my friend and I attended an event called Black Women Break Bread. I was first introduced to this organization by one of my friends who wanted me to go to their event in December, although I did not attend, I really was intrigue. It’s refreshing to  see women come together to uplift one another and not tear each other down. The stories that were shared were quite encouraging. We as women have a tough time at work or proving ourselves to society, it’s just great to have a community of people who know what you’re going through and give you encouragement. I hope I can attend the next gathering, because every once in a while you need that support system. I feel that when women come together, we can do magical things. We can change the world for the better, and there’s so much power within our femininity. Its takes more energy to be negative, so its best to be positive and smile.



A successful woman is one who can build a firm foundation with the brick others have thrown at her.





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