Girl, why you mad?

Recently, I’ve been seeing a lot of comments disregarding the lyrics from Kendrick Lamar’s ” Humble” song, and a few women were quite upset. I saw the tweets and I saw how other women were attacking those women who felt some kind of way about the stretch mark booty, natural hair part of the song. I understand why certain people felt some kind of way about those remarks. I know that when I am out in public wearing my natural hair, I never get a smile or anything from a man, but as soon as I have my hair straight or wear weave, oh men are just so quick to tell me how beautiful I am.

A lot of women go through this, and are tired of men constantly telling them how to look. My ex told me how fat I was and I’m a size 8, he told me how I needed to lose weight, and blah blah. Thank goodness we are over. But, a lot of women go through that. I’ve had guys in my dm’s telling me my hair looks better straight and I need to keep it that way. As if telling me that was a compliment, um nope.

No one wants to hear how they should and shouldn’t look by a man, women hear it all the time from society, especially black women. We are constantly told how we aren’t good enough by society, so you don’t want to hear that from your man. Accept folks for who they are, and if they want to have enhancements to their body, it may not be  for a man, it just maybe because they want to look good for themselves. Men it ain’t always about you! So, who cares if Kendrick want to say he like a stretch mark booty, that’s his prerogative. You just got to learn to ignore folks, and if you don’t like their music don’t listen to it, don’t purchase their products. People are always going to do what they want to do, so do you.


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