Thanks Liz!

Grandmas are a treasure, and I am thankful I grew up with my grandma living in the same city and in the same neighborhood as me. Although, my grandma is no longer with me, I cherish the moments we created and the advice she shared. I appreciate the fact that she encouraged me to be strong and not tolerate foolishness from no one. The advice she gave when it came to relationships were poignant. She was my spirit animal. She understood me and liked me for me.

Elizabeth Greene was her name, she was fashionable, strong, and witty. I adored her and how she was always there for me. Sometimes, when I am making a decision, I think about what she would say. She set an example for me and my sister and for that, I’m thankful. She wasn’t perfect, but she taught me that it was okay to live your life to the fullest and be the best at what ever you do.


Thanks Liz for being a fantastic member of the village who raised me.




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