You just be you

Lately, I’ve seen a lot of hate on social media in regards to people wanting to progress in life. I personally think its awesome that people are wanting to start their own businesses and are attempting to start new careers. I applaud people for finally realizing their worth. It’s amazing that people are realizing there are other means to gain income outside of the traditional 9-5. What makes it hysterical is that people are using the “god” factor. Folks are attempting to discourage people from walking into their destiny, by using oh did God give you that or entrepreneurship is not for everyone. What if in fact, God did give them that dream and they are finally doing something to make it happen. What makes being human so awesome, is that there is room for difference.

Each of us are gifted with different dreams and its okay for everyone to have a uniqueness. It says a lot about a person when someone continues to discourage others from fulfilling their dreams. Perhaps, people are low-key insecure and they don’t want someone to outshine them. In my experience, I have come across people who have no intention of seeing me grow and be great. So, when people say negative stuff to me, I just smile and  keep it moving. I don’t have time for the naysayers. I know who has my best interest and those who do not.

People are very fickle; one day you’ll receive praise, next you may not. Remember that God is in control and at the end of the day, He is the only one that we should please. When God gives you a vision, trust that he thinks you can handle it. Trust that he will make a way for you to fulfill that plan. Trust that he has your best interest at heart. Know this that if God is before you, no one can be against you.


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