How can I be my ancestors wildest dreams, when my ancestors were the problem

Well, last week, I spoke with my granny and she’s like our family’s historian. She knows all of our family’s history, like everyone’s name, and how they came to this country. As I was speaking with her, she informed me that her grandfather was a Scottish/Irish man who happened to be a slave owner. I was in so much shock and horror, like anyone knows me knows that I am an advocate for social injustice and I am so proud to be a black woman. I despise negativity and harm towards anyone. I wanted to cry, and I was disappointed like the nerve of my great-great-grandfather and his family to participate oppression is beyond me. My great grandfather was named after his father, which is so weird to me. Why would he give him his name?!?!

But hearing this made me realize how f**k up things are and how I can choose to break cycles of dysfunction for future generations and how I can be the best possible person I can be, despite my family’s history. Our history does not define who we are or who we’ll end up being. I can still be an awesome women of color and stand up for what is right and break the chains of brokenness and continuing the healing for my generation and the generation to come. Although I disappointed about my past, however, my future looks bright.


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