Don’t forget about me fam….

Recently, I read Genesis 12:1, where God told Abram (before he became Abraham) to leave his country and his family, but Lot went with him. So, I started to ponder on and read a little bit more on the store of Lot and Abraham, and how Abraham had to get Lot out of things, etc. The situation between them made me think about certain situations and how sometimes we may be called to do something, but we’re not supposed to bring others with us. I feel like we have some obligation to make sure we bring others when we succeed, but the vision was given to that specific person.

God specifically told Abram to leave his country and his family and go where He would show him. Why are we afraid to leave our comfort zones sometimes. Do we really not trust God completely? Is it too hard for us to leave the unknown and tell people, hey I know you’re family, but um you can’t be my manager. Are we afraid to hurt others feelings if we tell them no?

I started to think about Lot’s life and how messy it got when he left and how much drama he endured. A lot of things would’ve been avoided had both of them just trusted the plan that God had.

I thought about my own life and how I feel skeptical about making certain decisions, but I am reminded to trust in the Lord, with my whole heart and to not lean on my own understanding, but when I acknowledge him; he always directs my path. The thing is I can’t second guess God’s plan for me and where he’ll end up leading me. The Bible has so many life lessons and I’ve learned so much by reading everyone’s story, it helps me make better decisions and gives me hope.

Abram(Abraham) and Lot’s story could’ve been a  how lot different had they just stuck to the plan. We just have to stick to the plan sometimes and not go wayward and sometimes people can’t go with us on our journeys and we have to be okay with that, and know that the vision was given to us to fulfill.

Also, people will try to make you feel obligated to take them with you, but don’t. Remember the journey is yours to take and not everyone can come.






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