Its just temporary

Weeping may endure for a night, but joy cometh in the morning light-Psalm 30:5¬† Recently, I spoke with someone whose family member was going through recovery. I was consoling the individual, and I looked at them and said, it’s just temporary. Recovery is just a process, and its rough in the beginning, but it will … More Its just temporary

How can I be my ancestors wildest dreams, when my ancestors were the problem

Well, last week, I spoke with my granny and she’s like our family’s historian. She knows all of our family’s history, like everyone’s name, and how they came to this country. As I was speaking with her, she informed me that her grandfather was a Scottish/Irish man who happened to be a slave owner. I … More How can I be my ancestors wildest dreams, when my ancestors were the problem

You just be you

Lately, I’ve seen a lot of hate on social media in regards to people wanting to progress in life. I personally think its awesome that people are wanting to start their own businesses and are attempting to start new careers. I applaud people for finally realizing their worth. It’s amazing that people are realizing there … More You just be you

Support is Key

I want to be an entrepreneur. Well, I’ve always been an entrepreneur. I can recall the many times I had businesses while growing up. Honestly, I can sell anything. I sold the left over cake from my sister’s wedding when I was in high school; I hustle hard. However, one thing I’ve learned is that … More Support is Key

Why I’m vegan

People ask me this question all the time, and yes its quite annoying. I was vegan way before it was cool and everyone saw the documentary on Netflix. I was raised as a vegetarian, and sometimes I would sneak and eat meat, but overall I had a plant based diet. Although, I was constantly made … More Why I’m vegan

Autumn is here

Fall has begun,although it still feels like summer (lol). I love fall because its my favorite season, but fall ¬†reminds us that we can renew ourselves and leave the past behind. Its like a fresh start. ¬† Its the perfect time to renew and replenish. Take this time to renew your mind and start fresh. … More Autumn is here